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Natasha Hooper is an international poet, spoken word artist, activist, and host currently residing in San Diego, California. In a short period of time, Natasha has made her mark on the spoken word/poetry community performing at various colleges, universities, symposiums, open mics and poetry venues across the country. Natasha earned the title of #2 poet in the world at the 2018 Individual World Poetry Slam, after winning the 2017 National Poetry Slam with her team San Diego Poetry SLAM. Her work has been showcased on national and international outlets such as Al Jazeera, All Def Poetry, TEDx and Middle East Eye, among others. She’s also been featured at prominent venues spanning from the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee to the South American Business Forum in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Natasha believes spoken word poetry can be a form of activism, but apart from the stage, she also does what she can to promote and affect change as an active member of her community, where she works to bring awareness and resources to those in need. Her hope is that her poems, as well as her actions, will impact as many lives as possible and that her love for people is evident in her mission to bring about positive change.